Securing your assets with Futech

At Futech, we believe in constant improvement as a culture. Combining our methods with technology we can assure that your assets are secured, Physically and digitally.


Using technology with new techniques, we can evaluate the current state and improve to adapt to new threats.

Detect, Respond, Evaluate, Improve

Technologies used

Futech Serveillance Technologies

Security Cameras

Using Analog and Digital cameras based on their use-case-scenario enables you to monitor your premises, workforce or even guests.
Prevention of a possible security threat can make a massive difference in how the end result can be.

Some of the functions that we can enable for your business:

  • Motion Alerts
  • Line Based Intrusion detection
  • Object Removal Detection
  • Unattended Baggage Detection
  • Numberplate Recognition
  • Facial Recognition
  • People Counting
  • Abnormal Body Temperature


Securing your internet gateway is in some cases more important than the security of your premises. Leaked company information can lead to greater financial loss or even a bad run-in with the law.

Starting with your connection to the internet, a firewall can prevent unlawful access to your business network from the outside world while also protecting the inside from any threats that may occur inside your organization.

Firewalls can also protect you from malicious file downloads, unauthorized use of company internet and can also enable router functions like redundant internet gateways, balancing traffic usage and limiting bandwidth.


Futech Serveillance Technologies
Futech Serveillance Technologies

Endpoint Security and Antivirus

The devices that behind the firewall like your computers are the endpoints in your network, they also need their own local protection.

The rise in cyber-crime requires every business owner to take a step up in protection of their devices. A data breach will certainly have a major irreversible impact on the business and can in some cases cripple the company into a complete closed state.

 We trust ESET to deliver the best virus and malware protection.

Using ESET you can enable local firewalls on your devices that can be managed by a single administrator to ensure that all security measures are enforced and are in working as they should.

Thermographic Cameras

Futech Thermographic solutions

The COVID19 (Or Corona virus) Outbreak has forced us to innovate and adapt to the new threat that business and people face.

Using thermographic cameras, we can unintrusively monitor for abnormal body temperatures to root out unforeseen medical situations.

These thermal imaging cameras uses AI Deepmind Technology to detect fever on it’s own without physical content of a single person or in a crown and will alert the selected person of the situation. Thermographic cameras can also be integrated into existing systems for authentication and recognition but with the added feature of mask detection.

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