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Do you need to repair or give your computer a boost?

As a matter of fact, your computer is the main hub of your digital world. Of course if your computer is not working properly you can’t work or play! We are here to help you with all computer repair services and also any computer related problems.

We are not one of those companies that is going to try to sell you a new computer just because you are having a problem. Our goal is always to repair your computer with attention to have it running again like it was new.

Laptop Repairs and Upgrades

Laptops are also welcome in our family and we can repair and replace dead parts. If you wish to upgrade, It is dependent on the laptop itself but in most cases there can be memory and hard-drive upgrades which can significantly improve performance.

Data Migration

Data Migration is the process of moving your software, documents, photos, music or other soft-data to a different device.

If you have purchased a new device, we can move your operating system and/or data over.

Almost any data can be moved to new devices, this includes your operating system.

Operating System Installation

An operating system is the software that is responsible for making an user-friendly environment to communicate with the hardware.

If your device requires an Operating system, we can supply various different licenses.

Available Operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 r2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016

Debian Linux

Maintenance and Tune-ups

Maintenance and Tune-ups is the process of preserving or aiming to preserve the condition of the device.

Devices do slowdown in time and in most cases this is caused by thermal solutions that age, drives that are overloaded or under-maintained.

We have one-time and recurring maintenance plans.

With One-time Maintenance, we will analyse and diagnose your device and provide maintenance or tune-up solutions

Recurring maintenance and tune-ups provides regular check-ups with time periods that suite your lifestyle.

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